About Us

DoggieDiggz had been an idea in the Summer of 2017, but come the fall of 2017 we had hired a designer, found a supplier for our wood and someone to laser engrave our tags. It was at this point in October we attended our first event in San Diego. 

We started with one design, Pawsitive Vibes with the idea that when your dog was wearing the tag, it would create conversation, and create a special between pet owners and their dogs. From then to now, we have 4 designs and are expanding our designs and woods each month. We understand each dog has their own personality that they want to show off and our hope is to give them a tag to match that. 

We use the highest quality exotic wood which creates our unique dog tags. We research the wood selection before purchasing to ensure that is non-toxic to your pet.

If you haven’t already, you can check us out on Instagram. If your local to San Diego and want to find us at an event check out our Facebook. We’d love to meet you!


- Ashley