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About Us

Hello! I’m Ashley Albright, the founder of DoggieDiggz. I create personalized wood pet ID tags, organic cotton bandanas, and wood dog bow ties for those who seek adventure with their dog. Made from local San Diego wood, my lightweight ID tags don’t jingle like metal tags and are perfect for dogs that are sensitive or allergic to metal.

DoggieDiggz  has given me the freedom to express myself. I have been wanting an outlet like this for many years. I grew up being told in school that I would not be successful because of my learning disability. With that mentality, I often struggled to motivate myself to do great work. I knew that I had to push myself and prove those who didn't believe in me wrong. I have continued to find outlets to express myself through my business and my photography.

When I moved to San Diego in 2015, I worked full time for awhile but eventually sought more fulfilling work in the form of volunteering at a dog rescue. I worked closely with staff and other volunteers to learn all about reading dog behavior and how to safely work with these awesome animals. I have also been walking dogs for over a year. One thing led to another and I followed my entrepreneurial spirit and started my own business. When I am not working, you can find me hitting the trails and finding new places to explore off the beaten path. I have a passion for nature photography and try to bring that inspiration into the designs for my DoggieDiggz tags.

What does adventure mean to you? Is it your dog running at a local park? Catching waves at the beach? Hitting the trails? Maybe it’s camping, but whatever it may be, take our tags with you. My inspiration is the feeling of stepping out into the forest with the smell of pine trees and the sound of leaves under your feet. I love to travel, hike, and photograph my adventures, whether they be near or far from my home in San Diego.


- Ashley

Owner of DoggieDiggz