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Tiller Tug

Tiller Tug Toy

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The original "Tiller Tug" design used discarded fire hose and outdated rescue webbing.

The tugs were used as "a play reward" when a search dog correctly located and alerted on a victim. Tiller Tugs grew into a home grown company committed to raising funds for local rescue groups through the sales of quality dog toys using recycled fire hose.

Size Chart

Small: 14" square. Good for small breeds chihuahuas, cats, maltese

Medium: 18" square. Good for medium breeds like corgi, beagle, pug, mini aussie

Large: 20" square. Good for large breeds Aussie, Husky, lab, and golden

XL: 24" square. Good for large breeds with extra fluff or large necks

How is it eco friendly?

We select the highest quality 100% organic cotton fabric and the manufacturer uses low impact dyes for printing and dying. Better for you and the planet 🌎


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What style are the bandanas? Tie-on Style

What size should I buy? Refer to our size chart for sizing or send us a message at and we will help!